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Mind crossing
as part of the exhibition Family Archives at the Kunstpavillon Munich. Curator: Friedemann Derschmidt
Stadtmuseum Nordico Linz, as part of the exhibition "Graffiti & Bananas. die Kunst in der Strasse" und "Der Junge Hitler"
Friedensmuseum Wolfsegg im Prozess, Kunstmuseum Lentos as part of the Symposium "von Fridel Dicke-Brandeis lernen",
the light artist Victoria Coeln (NIPAS), in her project WIENER LICHTBLICKE

"..In this performance we try to create an abstract space where all these stories; our fictional figures and situations, the embedded history of the city and literature texts representing different voices in society in the past and present , all have an indirect dialogue, offering each time a different reflection, an invitation to connect and create our own associations about the past - the personal or collective past, and how it affects us today."

Reigen  (A. Schnitzler)
Theater piece by Miloš Lolić,
Stadttheater Klagenfurt


Photo: Karlheinz Fessl

Haaretz critic 2015
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