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14.10.2022 Performative intervention
as part of the project Wiener Licht Blicke
by the light artist Victoria Coeln

Treffpunkt: um 18:40 Uhr in Chromotop 07
Am Schweizer Garten / Quartier Belvedere,
endet am Kongresspark
13.11.2022 14:00-18:00, Brick 15
Herklotzgasse 21, 1150 Vienna
The Green Sensation I, a multi medial event by green affaires
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In planning:
Spring 2023:
3 days mind crossing event: Performance and workshop
in Wolfsegg around the theme of Frankenburger Würfelspiel
light installation - Victoria Coeln, Kongresspartk Wien.HEIC

recent events:

on Thursday 27.1.2022 at 18:00
Ostarrichipark, ​1090 Vienna

Performative Demonstration as part of the Project WIENER LICHT BLICKE of the light artist Victoria Coeln, and the dancer/performer Žiga Jereb  (NIPAS).

" does my origin and cultural identity affect the way I see and approach commemoration? then I come to ask myself what is aim of commemorative acts and the place of art, especially performative art in approaching current issues through commemoration acts. can we "say" something through our performative intervention about the different positions in society in the past and present?..."
13.5.2022 at 15:00 (14.5.22 at 10:00 - workshop) 
Lentos museum Linz
the interactive multimedia performance:

Mind Crossing - was geht dir im Kopf herum?

production of the Verein Conflict Zone Arts Asylum - Vienna in cooperation with Lentos Kunstmuseum and Kinderkulturzentrum Kuddelmuddel
as part of the weekly symposium initiated by Karin Schneider:
Pra­xis­sym­po­si­um: Von Friedl Dicker-Brand­eis ler­nen. Empa­thie, Kunst, Verletzlichkeit 10.-14.5.2022

with: Tal Gur, Žiga Jereb, Katrin Grumeth, Karin Schneider
link to the week praxis-symposium in Lentos Kunstmuseum:

Von Friedl Dicker-Brand­eis ler­nen. Empathie, Kunst, Verletzlichkeit 10. bis 14.05.22

flyer of the performance


Performative Demonstration on
Thursday 11.11.21 at 18:00, Gaußplatz 11, 1200 Vienna
extracts of Mind crossing in collaboration with the light artist Victoria Coeln (NIPAS) in her project
WIENER LICHT BLICKE and hosted by Aktionradius Wien
video documentation of the event
Photos: Helmut Prochart

Friday 17.10.2021 at 15:00, Mind Crossing walking act 2021 - Wolfsegg
Friday 15.10.2021 at 16:00, Mind Crossing walking act 2021 - Linz
with creative workshop on Saturday 16.10 11:00-16:00, with Karin Scheider, Tal Gur and Žiga Jereb.
Mind Crossing walking act 2021
Vienna 6. District 18.6.2021, 20.6.2021
Linz 19.6.2021, 11.7.2021, 15.10.2021

walking the streets of the 6. district in Vienna, one stumbles upon commemoration work done by the people of the neighbourhood. one graffiti print on the side walk write "what happens when we forget to remember?"  (Prof. Dr. Karen Frostig)
this is an invitation for us to walk the streets and offer different connections and association to the act of remembering and connecting our personal and collective memory to our life here today.
18.6. at 18:00, 20.6 at 13:00, Loquaiplatz 1060, Vienna
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In Linz, we continue our collaboration with Nordico Stadt Museum and respond in a performative intervention to the exhibition Der Junge Hitler and the themes this exhibition brings to the surface.
19.6 at 13:00, 11.7 at 15:00, Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz
info under
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