Mind Crossing 2017-20
co-oparation with the artist Tal Gur

Concept/composition, music: Tal Gur

Choreography: Jasmin Avissar

Dance: Jasmin Avissar, László Benedek (2017-2020), Žiga Jereb

Theater: Birgit Stöger, Jan Thümer, Kartin Grumeth

Costumes: Juhász Józsefné Irénke

Collaboration with Conflict zone arts asylum - Vienna


video installation

video documentation Vienna 2020

events/upcoming performances

Tal Gur and Jasmin Avissar collaborate in a multi disciplinary performance of music and dance to examine the possibilities of performing arts to act as a tool for redefining family narratives and identities.

The performance follows the story of Arye and Sonja, Tal Gur`s grandparents, Holocaust survivors on their route of refuge after World War II, portrayed through letters Arye wrote to his sister form their journey.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.