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Mind Crossing 2017-22
co-oparation with the artist Tal Gur

Tal Gur and Jasmin Avissar collaborate in a multi disciplinary performance of music and dance and theater, to examine the possibilities of performing arts to act as a tool for redefining family narratives and identities.

The performance follows the story of Arye and Sonja, Tal Gur`s grandparents who survived the Holocaust, on their route of refuge after World War II, portrayed through letters Arye wrote to his sister from their journey.

Since bringing mind crossing  into open space as a "walking act", we attempt to find connecting points, concrete or abstract with the histories and stories of the place where we Iive and work. Thus try and create a sphere where we invite the audience to experince their own associations and mirrors for their own stories.

from the choreographer's notes:

"...In this performance we try to create an abstract space where all these stories; our fictional figures and situations, the embedded history of the city and literature  texts representing different voices in society in the past and present , all have an indirect dialogue, offering each time a different reflection, an invitation to connect and create our own associations about the past - the personal or collective past, and how it affects us today."

Concept/composition, music: Tal Gur

Choreography: Jasmin Avissar

Dance: Jasmin Avissar, László Benedek (2017-2020), Žiga Jereb

Theater: Birgit Stöger, Jan Thümer, Kartin Grumeth

Costumes: Juhász Józsefné Irénke, Heidemarie Glaser


Collaboration with Conflict zone arts asylum - Vienna

Booklet - Munich 2018

booklet - Linz 2021

events/upcoming performances


Thank you for the support in this on going project:

Laila Avissar-Zatar, Anna vera Derschmidt, Ava Tayla Benkova, Alexander Mayer, Jakob Wernisch, Luis Lüwenstein, Friedemann Derschmidt 
in New York:
Noa Fort, Rene Hart,Nick Anderson, 
Tobi Williams, Al Hoberman , Martine Bisagni and Amani Ansari

In Munich:
Friedmann Derschmidt, Martina Könighofer, Ralf Homann, Ron Blume
in Vienna:
Elisabeth Zoumboulakis-Rottenberg, Ulli Fuchs, Wolf Erich Eckstein; Bezirksmuseum 1060, Pizzeria MamaMia, Richard Reisenberger, Martina Könighofer
In Linz:
 Charlotte Harman (Präsidentin der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde Linz), Judith Darin Judith Darin  Judith Maule, Anna Conrad,  Hema Schmutz, das Team der Kunstvermittlung der Museen der Stadt Linz, Andrea Bina und das Team des Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz, Elena Makarova
In Wolfsegg:
Bm. Barbara Schwarz, 
Pfarre Wolfsegg, Pfarrer Christian Ojene, 
Sr. Bertha Bumberger, Gertraud Weghuber, 
Kur- & Vitalurlaub-Hotel Dr. Petershofer, Wirtshaus Globetrotter, SORRENTO Pizzeria Ristorante, Wahlpflichtfach Geschichte BRG Ried  2020/21, BioApfelHof Stögermayr, Andrea Obrist

link to playlist - Mind Crossing:

video documentation Lentos-Linz 2022

video documentation Vienna 2021

IMG_1538 3.JPG

video installation

video documentation Vienna 2020

video documentation Linz 2021

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