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Wiener Salonparcours #21
Hietizing 15-16.9.2023
with: Katrin Kögler, Sophie Lusty, Birgit Stöger,
Stefan Czurda, Jasmin Avissar
more info: salonparcours

The Green sensation #1 BY GREEN AFFAIRE,
13.11.2022 BRICK-15Musicians, dancers, painters, actors, singers and technology will come together to let you feel nature in an artificial environment
collaboration with the light artist Victoria Coeln, as part of her art initiative NIPAS,
Impression of our collaborative Performative demo out of
Mind Crossing, on Gaußplatz 11, 1200 Wien, together with
Aktionradus Wien
under the light installation by Victoria Coeln and Carsten Busse.
impression of our performative demo in Kundgebung Der Stille zum internationale Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Holocaust27. Jänner 2022, Shoah Namensmuseum,
Ostarrichipark 1090 Wien

photos: Helmut Prochat 
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