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Project | 01

Project | 01 Mind Crossing

Tal Gur and Jasmin Avissar collaborate in a multi disciplinary project to examine the possibilites of performing arts to act as a tool for redifining family narratives and identities.

The story of Arye and Sonja, Tal Gur`s grandparents, 

Holocaust survivers on their route of refuge after World War II, portrayed through letters Arye wrote to his sister form their journey.

Project | 02

Project | 02 Samson (in planning)

a new creation in the making, based on the book by Israeli author David Grossman: Lion`s Honey, looking into the inner world of the mythical figure of Samson and thus creating a contemporary mirror to identity and society.

Project | 03

Project | 03 "..Manche Trän’ aus meinen Augen.."

A new creation for the Students at MUK Vienna, for their closing concert of the BA program in March 2021.

the creative process is inspired by and dealing with texts by Elfriede Jelinek from FaustIn and out and die Klavierspielerin. 

Concept and Choreography: Jasmin Avissar in collaboration with the Students of MUK

Concept, music composition and arrangement:

Oliver Peter Graber

Text assembly, Theater and voice coach: Steffi Krautz

Voice over: Steffi Krautz, Günter Franzmeier

Project | 04

Project | 04 Reigen (A. Schnitzler)

Theater piece by Miloš Lolić,
StadtTheater Klagenfurt 2022

Jasmin Avissar


Jelena Miletić


Nevena Glusica


Hans Mrak

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