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 Archaeopteryx (2014-16) (ancient bird "the first bird")
Music: Oliver Peter Graber
Choreography: Jasmin Avissar

Costume: Sarah Littasy

An ancient bird taking her first steps in an unknown space,

waken to life in finding her old-new song. wondering is

"the new" really new or just a tilted reflection of the old and familiar, and where does she stand in all of this.

 The solos was inspired by Zelda's poem "Ancient song" and

from the musical material and is a part of the cooperative

project "auf Tasten und Spitze" between Oliver Peter Graber (music) and Jasmin Avissar (dance). Where composition and choreography, music and dance, meet interact and co-create

"Ancient Song" / Zelda

an oh ancient song
woke me up to life
when it drove away
my low spirits from within
in the lips of kings

song of an era which went silent
before the beginning of time
woke me up to life

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