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special thank you for the financial support during the COVID-19 pandemic to:
Stadt Wien MA7
AICF - קרן התרבות אמריקה ישראל

welcome to my website.

"...When approaching real life stories and people, I have asked myself: Do I have the right to tell this story?... I started to recognise human mechanisms of dealing with trauma and started to deconstruct them to the base emotional building blocks. Then, reversed the process and started constructing a figure, but this time while connecting to those emotions from within. This eventually allowed me and I believe, the audience, to connect from their own world of associations, to the base human condition the constructed figure has presented, and thus act as a mirror of one self...The act of observation creates a new relationship of story sharing, where performers and audience bounce off each other and so create a beginning of a new joint story....I realise that the body remembers. Muscles, skin and bones. And each memory contains an embedded emotion that can be triggered. So I realise that communication thorough body and movement can become a vessel for the artist as for the audience..."

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