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extract from the piece
“..Manche Trän' aus meinen Augen..”
22.3.21, MuTh Vienna for the students of the 4. year BA program of MUK. .
Concept and Choreography: Jasmin Avissar
Concept, musical Arrangement and Composition: Oliver Peter Graber Text assembly, Theater and voice coach: Steffi Krautz
dancers: ALRAM Katharina BORNEY Sophie BOROS Flora Zsofia KARNUTSCH Lea KAPFER Milena PAPOULIA Melina RIESER Shirin SAMBOU Nicholas FLAATA Nikoline
extract from the performance 
mind crossing - walking act 2021 Linz
outdoor performance in response to the exhibition "der Junge Hitler" in Nordico Stadtmuseum.
 Tal Gur, Katrin Grumeth, Žiga Jereb, Jasmin Avissar
אם צם Im Tzom, closing improvisation scene of the performance
mind crossing 2017
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Silent Duet. Jasmin Avissar and László Benedek
mind crossing- Walking Act 2021,
excerpts for the out door performance
in Loquaiplatz 1060 Vienna,

with: Tal Gur, žiga Jereb, Jasmin Avissar, Katrin Grumeth, Karin Schneider, Elisabeth Zoumboulakis-Rottenberg
music:Tal Gur-piano, Shai Wetzer-percussion/drums
dance: László Benedek, Jasmin Avissar
editing: Yaara Nirel camera: Valentina Hirsch, Edward Chapon
filmed in the fine arts academy vienna, Semper Depot  
meeting in Kaunas
Concept and composition: Tal Gur 
Choreography: Jasmin Avissar 
Dance: László Benedek, Jasmin Avissar 
Camera: Valentina Hirsch, Edward Chapon 
Editing: Ori Derdikman
Theater work - trailer 2013-2018
camera - Johannes Hammel editing: Viktoria Bayer
all rights reserved for Volkstheater Wien
On the Video clips out of: Niemandsland (Yael Ronen),
Rechnitz - Der Würgeengel (Miloš Lolić),
Extremophil (Paul Spittler), Lazarus (Miloš Lolić)
SHE HE ME 2019
Theater piece by Paul Spittler, Kosmos theater Wien
music: Johannes Kerschbaummayr
with: Alev Irmak, Sandra Selimovic, Josef Mohamed
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